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Doitliketakemoney is a web page through which everyone can make and search friends using their personal profile or by creating various events or groups in which their friends will be invited.
Doitliketakemoney’s difference from other ways of e-social networking, is hiding on the postings made by each user. Moreover, through their personal profile or the closed teams they have created, they will have the opportunity to make coupons that match the points and then make Like - Superlike - Megalike and share points in his friends' posts, giving the relative value that s/he thinks is worth for a groups - events friend.

In such manner, all the friends who are active in this way of entertainment, share in their turn their own points.

Doitliketakemoney participants are right to have reached the age limit of their maturity set by each state they live in.

Doitliketakemoney registration is free, but those who want to participate more active in their entertainment can get token vouchers.

Each user who participates with a token voucher, will be awarded from Doitliketakemoney with  a plus of some points that adds extra money on his voucher.

Every time your friends get their own vouchers and give your name in the registration form as an originator, then Doitliketakemoney awards you by giving you points according to the purchase of vouchers made by your groups - events friends.

Afterwards, every user’s profile is informed about the points s/he has at his/her disposal at any time by looking at what values
​​s/he corresponds to.

In this way, the user can see in the discount vouchers what is available and the amount that corresponds to the points, in order to pronounce it in the form of redeems and to redeem what s/he wishes.

The time of redeeming from the moment the statement is made including the proportionate actions, is within 3 days.

Analytic table of coupon value distribution in matching to like



5  €


15  €


30  €


45  €


Analytical table of payoffs when buying a user's voucher and the deferred points redeemed by doitliketakemoney when the user enters his / her friend's code in the form of the counselor during the enrollment process.(ADVISOR_ID)




5  €



15  €



30  €



45  €



Analytical distribution table  LIKES  -  SUPERLIKES  -  MEGALIKES


=    1  LIKE





Analytical plan of DOITLIKETAKEMONEY

A) There are two categories of users

B) a1) Is the user identified as a visitor to the page of doitliketakemoney who has the right to go to the page of doitliketakemoney, where s/he can make his/her own profile to create groups - events and to invite or search friends. As well as publishing videos - even commenting on the limits of the rights of each citizen in each country where anybody is involved, but has no right to click on LIKE - SUPERLIKE - MEGALIKE.

B1) Is the active user who started as a visitor on the doitliketakemoney page and on his / her own initiative made a voucher market within the vouchers categories on the 5euro / 15euro / 30euro / eurobond page. Automatically, by going to the front page of the profile in the right position above and under the search for friends there is a table of cards and the rehearsal of any like which has been given the right to participate actively on the page. The right to use LIKE - SUPERLIKE - MEGALIKE in this way and in so doing can give the right according to its own will to a value that he believes is worth-published on the page of doitliketakemoney.

NOTE: If a user - visitor does all the actions mentioned to the user - a visitor we acknowledged in the above paragraphs A / a1 and some users reward their own postings based on LIKE - SUPERLIKE - MEGALIKE then s/he is given immediately the opportunity to be able to update at any time on the table of points found on the front page of his/her profile up right and under the search of friends but also to see the amount of points s/he has won as well as the points gained from their friends respectively. In this purpose s/he can make use of those points to the way s/he wishes to.


A1) It is to be able to be an active user by giving him/her the right to use doitliketakemoney to make use of the option of LIKE - SUPERLIKE - MEGALIKE to anything s/he has posted on the page of doitliketakemoney

B1) It is to be able to give the relative value that s/he believes in his/her own viewpoint on what may has been posted. Reciprocally this is what their friends can also do.

C1) It is to collect enough points which s/he believes that are required  if s/he wants to redeem them in various discount coupons - products, vouchers, etc. that the doitliketakemoney site has cooperated thereupon.

D1) It is to develop his/her own philosophy - strategy - political movement s/he adopts and accordingly to be rewarded by the users as well as by doitliketakemoney page’s honor.

E1) However, the most significant part is that everybody who wants to share their lifestyle, can give a PRICE in their own opinion to their post  and receive the VALUE in the opinion of their friends or the rest of the users who may wish to participate.


A1) Through the page of doitliketakemoney getting some vouchers hanging on the doitliketakemoney page value of 5€ = 40 LIKES / 15€ = 120 LIKES / 30€ = 240 LIKES / 45€ = 360 LIKES

B2) Through your friends or other users who may want to award the postings you have on your profile in their point of view.


01. Assuming that you have 1,000 friends in your team who have each earned 5 € worth of points through the mechanism of our Doitliketakemoney website for purchasing or using a like, superike, megalike reward in a month. Your earnings are 160 € (2000 points) to make your purchases or to reward your friends with points or to cash out cash on our e-shop.

Assuming that you have 10000 friends who buy more than 5 € (15 €, 30 € ,45 € ) to buy a product-value worth 50 € for a car service or 200 € for a holiday or a mobile phone, then the amounts are actually launched !!!!!!!

Do not forget, however, the rewarding of personal suspensions that can also give you many revenue-points (see paragraph 2).

02. You have a nice post that has gathered 300 points from likes-superlikes-megalikes from your friends and not 200 points of video -groups-events difference, your reward is at 40 € to use as you like.

03. If the points you have raised are 1500 then the amount reaches 120 € and if you add the points of your team ie 500 = (40 €), then your total is 160 € !!!!

04. If your suspension points are 5000 = 400 € and your team is 4000 points = 320 € then your total amount reaches 9000 points = 720 € !!!!

The member of your team that you have proposed-written under you is secured to you only by request to Doitliketakemoney and serious reason can change your rapporteur !!!

In the Team Image Menu you can have full reference to your team (markets - points - reward).


With 3 friends and 2 other users who are not your friends

Your Friend bought 15€ Coupon = 120 Likes and Prizes With 34 Likes (3 Likes + 2 Superlikes + 1 Megalike)


Your Friend bought 30€ Coupon = 240 Likes and Prizes With 68 Likes (6 Likes + 4 Superlikes + 2 Megalikes)


Your Friend bought 45€ Coupon = 180 Likes and He Prizes With 102 Likes (9 Likes + 6 Superlikes + 3 Megalikes)

User 1 has awarded you one Superlike = 5 Likes

User 2 has awarded you 1 Megalike = 21 Likes          

Coupon purchase 15€ = 120 Like



Prize-winning for what you posted to your own profile the following points:

Your friend 1 has awarded you a total of 34 Likes

Your Friend 2 awarded you a total of 68 Likes

Your friend 3 awarded you a total of 102 Likes

User 1 has awarded you a total of 5 Likes

User 2 has awarded you a total of 21 Likes

You were awarded a total of friends + users = 230 Likes

And if your friends mentioned your code as an advisor  in the form on the board, then DOITLIKETAKEMONEY will award you for

Your pro 1 = 6 Likes

Your pro 2 = 12 Likes

Your Pro 3 = 18 Likes

Bonus from doitliketakemoney = 36 Likes

In total, you have been awarded a prize of 266 Likes from 3 friends + 2 users + bonus doitliketakemoney and if you have spent 8 Likes = 8 Likes on your various friends-users, then, out of 60 Likes you already have, there is a subtraction of 8 Likes = 52 Likes + 266 Likes = 318 Likes you have as a whole !!!!!!!

You are ready to redeem and receive any discount coupon that exists at the moment you are  given by the partners through the form that you are going to fill in DOITLIKETAKEMONEY.